All you need to know about Hay Day

Now I am going to continue with my blog about how to easily get coins and diamonds for the gaming app Hay Day. In our previous blog we talked about the newspaper and how important other players are for your farm. Now we will tell you some new tips and tricks for the popular game Hay Day.


Tips and tricks for your buildings

To get more visitors into your town you should improve the train station. How many visitors a single train can contain depends on the capacity of your city.


Catching fish successfully

To catch the most wanted fish while fishing you should always keep an eye to use the right bait. But also very important is the place where you are fishing. You can basically catch a fish at any place with your fishing rod, but if you choose the right place for fishing then the probability to catch a fish is more likely to happen. Which fish is preferring which place can be seen in the description of every single fish.
Whoever catches a fish with a certain weight for the first time will get diamonds as a reward. So it’s worthy to catch every fish at least once, to get to diamonds relatively fast. Another option is to use Hack┬áHay Day to get diamonds easily.
Special fishing events will be announced before they happen. Definitely take part in them, because you will catch with less expenditure more fish in these certain events.


Hay Day cheats

Tips and strategies

If you have enough place for your buildings then sell dynamite and saws for their highest price, since you won’t need them anymore.
Greg will buy every day at least one object from you. So you want to sell him an object for its highest price.
Everyday you should visit Greg, since he is normally offering cheap goods. Mostly he will sell corn and fruits. You can be really smart if you buy a lot of his cheap goods and sell them for a higher price to other players afterwards. With this method you will get a lot of coins time after time.
You should renounce to decorate your farm, because they don’t improve your farms income and the pretty extras are really expensive. The best tip which we can give you is to never give up. Always keep on training and if you do so, you will have a beautiful farm one day.

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